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This is a listing of all APN videos, courtesy of Youtube!

Atlanta Progressive News Videos

Fulton Commissioner-Elect: I want to be the last Commissioner from North Fulton

See 13:00 minute point in the video for Fulton Commissioner-Elect's statement about his desire to dismantle Fulton County.

Georgians Express Opposition to Extreme Gun Bill, HB 875

By Judy Conder, Staff Videographer; Video sponsored by Atlanta Progressive News

Rev. Barber Speaks at Georgia's First Moral Monday

Video by Judy Conder, via Judy Conder Youtube Channel

Bobbie Paul's Retirement Party from Georgia WAND

Atlanta Progressive News footage of Bobbie Paul's retirement party.  Paul retires after ten years as Executive Director of Georgia WAND.

Atlanta's Anti-Monsanto Rally at Piedmont Park

As part of the global day of action against Monsanto, Atlantans held an anti-Monsanto rally at Piedmont Park. Original video by Cheyenne X, Staff Writer for Atlanta Progressive News.

February 2013 Press Conference in Defense of State Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta)

Video By Clyde Bradley - Three months prior to the indictment of State Rep. Tyrone Brooks.

Questions for Beltline Inc. Submitted via CD/HR- This time in writing

Wherein Matthew Cardinale, News Editor of Atlanta Progressive News, submits questions in writing to Beltline Inc., via the CD/HR Cmte of the City Council of Atlanta.

UGA Forum on Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Produced by Brandon Sutton.  UGA Gulf Oil Spill Symposium.

The Secret Vote Revealed, and a bit of Don Henley

Wherein Matthew Cardinale, News Editor of Atlanta Progressive News, reveals how all 15 Council Members voted in the secret vote, and briefly sings "If you amend the minutes," a remake "New York Minute" by Don Henley.

State Rep. Tyrone Brooks on Auburn Avenue Changes, Streetcar, Wal-mart

Courtesy of Clyde Bradley, Voice of the Voiceless

Press Conference on Prison Conditions in Georgia

Courtesy of Bruce Dixon: "The Concerned Coalition to Protect Prisoner Rights held a press conference on January 6th, 2011 to discuss the physical assaults perpetrated on inmates by prison staff. The attacks took place in the wake of fact finding visits by the Coalition to Macon State Prison and Smith State Prison, following last month's inmate led work stoppage that spread to nine of Georgia's prisons.

"This piece includes interviews by Bruce Dixon of with Edward DuBose, President of the Georgia Conference of NAACP Branches, Ajamu Baraka with the U.S. Human Rights Network, Chara Jackson with ACLU Georgia, Kenneth Glasgow of The Ordinary People Society, Charles Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Hugh Esco of the Georgia Green Party."

Mathiowetz's WRFG Interview about Dekalb School Janitor Privatization

Wednesday, Jan 5, 2011 WRFG 89.3FM Labor Forum Program with Dianne Mathiowetz Interview with David Schutten, President of the Organization of DeKalb Educators and former presidents Rosilind Taylor and Jackie Henry about the proposal to privatize school maintenance and eliminate 900 jobs.

State Sen. Donzella James Discusses Upcoming Session

Courtesy of State Sen. Donzella James.  James discusses her thoughts on priorities for the 2011 General Assembly.

2011 Wish List for Council Transparency, Accountability, and Public Input

Wherein Matthew Cardinale, News Editor of Atlanta Progressive News, presented a 2011 wish list of 14 public policy proposals for transparency, accountability, and public input at City Council, to the Committee on Council at the first meeting of 2011.

Why Punish People for Arriving Late? - a New Triple M Rap and R&B Mix

Wherein Matthew Cardinale, News Editor of Atlanta Progressive News, addresses the Full Council and criticizes the "two minute rule" which limits citizens who are "late" to CD/HR Cmte to two minutes of public comment time.

Another Name on the Wall (Sponsored Video)

This video is sponsored by Justice Through Music.  "Another Name on the Wall," is a remake of Pink Floyd's The Wall and addresses the issue of endless wars. 

Video Footage of Recent Persistent Plane Contrails in Atlanta

Video from Poisonfreefamily on Youtube.  The video plays two rap songs, including some profanity, so viewer discretion is advised.  We at Atlanta Progressive News are looking into this issue of persistent plane contrails in Atlanta skies.  This video was taken by a citizen in the community.  We have also documented the unusual proliferation of these persistent trails in recent days.  We are in contact with federal agencies and hope to provide a very balanced article.

Jimmy McMillan Announces Presidential Bid, Discusses Life

Jimmy McMillan, former 2010 Gubernatorial candidate for the Rent is Too Damn High Party in New York, announces his intent to run against Barack Obama as a Republican on Revolution Radio, a Libertarian-leaning radio progam.

The Pink Elephant in the Room No One Wants to Talk About

No, not Mary Norwood's voting in Republican Primaries.  We Are Change Atlanta's mural in Little Five Points, Atlanta, raises questions about the official 09/11/2001 report.

Atlanta Rally in Support of Wikileaks

Courtesy of Azi Ebhahimi

Opening of Blend, the Coffeeshop of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

Courtesy of Azi Ebrahimi and the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

The 12 Council Districts, Secret Eagle Settlement, Excluded Plaintiffs

Testimony by APN News Editor Matthew Cardinale

Adrian Coleman, People TV Supporter, on WRFG Labor Forum

Courtesy of Azi Ebrahimi and Dianne Mathiowetz

End 287(g) Rally Held Downtown

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) as well as community leaders, the ACLU of Georgia, and other immigration groups call for an immediate end to the 287g program in Gwinnett, Cobb, and other counties in the state of Georgia.

The Cost of War

Video by Azi Ebrahimi examines the cost of the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to taxpayers, and where that money could be going: to end homelessness.

Homeless Memorial Day 2010 in Atlanta

The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless commemorated Homeless Memorial Day on December 01, 2010, with a march from the homeless shelter on Peachtree and Pine, to Atlanta City Hall, where they held a rally and lunch.  Later that evening a candlelight vigil and dinner were held.

Housing affordability (Find out what it means to me)

The debut of Triple M's latest single, "Housing Affordability (find out what it means to me)" at the Atlanta City Council meeting. The debut had been postponed so City Hall East redevelopment could be addressed at last Council meeting. The song is a remake of the Aretha Franklin classic, RESPECT.

Ann Wright in Atlanta: Resist, Don't Enlist

Courtesy of Judy Conder, Artemis Productions