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Task Force for Homeless Eviction Granted, Appeal Expected


(APN) ATLANTA -- Fulton County Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall issued a verbal order--with written ruling forthcoming--on Friday, February 03, 2012, first, evicting Anita and Jim Beaty, Executive Director and Board President of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, by February 15, 2012; second, ordering the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta to transition hundreds of homeless men out of the shelter; and third, ordering the United Way and homeless men out of the Task Force’s downtown building on Peachtree Street by August 31, 2012.

There are numerous problems--both of a factual and legal nature--with Schwall’s ruling, which, of course, have not been covered by any other news agency.

About two hundred interested people showed up to attend the Friday hearing, but only some were allowed in.  This reporter was able to attend only the second post-recess segment of the hearing.  After the judge ordered there would be no cell phones allowed in the relatively small courtroom, about two dozen security guards ordered citizens with phones in a separate line.  Many of those who did not follow the orders were allowed in, while many of those who did were not.

This reporter, Maria Saporta of the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Saporta Report, and a reporter with WSB, were told we would not be allowed in until after all the non-media “spectators” were let in.  “You all are here for a reason.  You are here because you’re working,” we were told.

Steve Hall, attorney for the Task Force, told Schwall he wanted to present evidence that, as previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, numerous parties including Central Atlanta Progress, the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Manny Fialkow, Emory University, and the City of Atlanta participated in a clear conspiracy to sabotage the Task Force by interfering with their private and public sources of funding.

“I want to put up evidence on the legal merits of the [conspiracy] claim, which goes to whether you can grant relief [the dispossessory],” Hall said.

Hall argued the Court could not evict the Task Force for failure to pay rent or for falling behind on a partial mortgage, when their failure to pay was caused by an illegal conspiracy that involved
tortuous interference with private business relationships.

Schwall wanted to know why, if the Beatys were earning 50,000 dollars per year salaries, they were not paying it towards the Task Force’s rent or debts.

“They work at a different company,” Hall said, “Our Fine Arts These.”

“What is the purpose of the company?” Schwall asked.

“They travel all over the country, they go to meetings,” Hall said.  Our Fine Arts These is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization funded primarily by B. Wardlaw.  Beaty previously told APN  she took herself off the Task Force’s payroll years ago.

“I’m glad you corrected me,” Schwall said.

Hall raised the concern that Creative Loafing Atlanta blog would echo Schwall’s misrepresentation.

“It’s gonna get written up in Mr. [Scott] Henry’s paper,” Hall said.  Henry has for years been a consistent source of pro-business community, pro-Mayor Kasim Reed, anti-Task Force propaganda.

“You’re correcting him,” Schwall said.

“We’ll see if it gets in,” Hall said.

“I appreciate the Court has stayed the dispossessory [for two years],” Hall said.  “But we haven’t had an opportunity to present evidence.”

“Let’s say I agree it’s [the conspiracy is] all true.  Let’s say the United Way comes in...  There’s no irreparable harm,” Schwall said.

However, Hall disagreed.  He said there is extensive case law that says, in circumstances like these, the loss of real property is irreparable harm.  Hall is likely to include this argument as part of his appeal.

Schwall seems to believe that the Task Force, if they are evicted and do later prevail on their conspiracy claims--in which they are seeking 21 million dollars in damages--that they could simply find another place in the City for their shelter.

However, over the last few years the Council has passed numerous Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) ordinances restricting the ability to establish new shelters and supportive housing in the City.  The Task Force is not affected by these zoning restrictions in their current location because they are grandfathered in, but this would not continue to be the case if they are evicted on the 15th.

“You’re gonna tell me these people did all these things.  You still have an adequate remedy at law,” Schwall said, referring to the ability to seek damages.  The conspiracy case is being heard in another court by an appointed Special Master, and that issue, while connected, is not before Schwall.

“What if the City of Atlanta agrees it won’t withhold permission for a reasonable shelter in the future?” Schwall asked.  “I begged the City to meet with the parties.”

However, such there is no one in the City who would have the discretion to waive the City’s current zoning policies.  Such a change would have to be approved by the affected Neighborhood Planning Units, the Zoning Review Board, the Council’s Zoning Committee, the Full Council, and the Mayor, which is unlikely; and Hall made the Court aware of that during Friday’s proceedings.

In the two years Schwall had stayed the eviction, “What has changed for the better?” he asked.

“Thousands of people for off the streets, got housing,” Hall said.

“I’ve seen all the [conspiracy] evidence.  It’s troubling.  Does it rise to tortuous interference?” Schwall asked.

“Yes, more than that,” Hall said.

“We can agree on one thing.  I don’t agree Fialkow is all about helping the homeless,” Schwall said.

Hall at one point presented an offer for the Beatys to step aside and retire, and for Carl Hartrampf, who has worked for the Task Force for years, to take over.

“United Way... do they approve of this arrangement?”

“The Regional Commission on Homelessness supports... supportive housing, transitional housing, case workers,” a United Way attorney said, impliying the Task Force does not support these things.  The Task Force used to provide those things before the City and other parties got together to deprive them of all their funding.

Schwall held up the United Way’s blessing, or lack thereof, as if they were angels up in heaven.

However, the local United Way was part of the conspiracy to sabotage the Task Force; they did nothing to stop Rufus Terrill’s robot that would spray water on homeless people.  As previously reported by APN, United Way in other jurisdictions, such as Aiken County, has come out in support of nuclear power, despite all the harm to the environment and health that nuclear power causes.

“Is the United Way willing to put in all the resources necessary,” to help the homeless men at the shelter, Schwall asked.

“In the short-term,” United Way’s attorney said.  “We believe, we have great confidence the United Way can draw on additional funding to support a transition of Peachtree-Pine in a several month period.”

Therefore, the United Way did not guarantee they could help the homeless men on a long-term basis.  And even if they can place the current eight hundred residents, there will soon be several hundred more needing help.  As previously reported by APN, the Task Force consistently helps many homeless people who have nowhere else to go.

Some people are chronically homeless, while others are homeless cyclically or episodically; the Task Force helps them all.

“In three months there will be nine hundred more,” Hall said.

The United Way has failed to explain why, if they have all these resources and interest in helping homeless people, why they haven’t provided these in the past.

The United Way acts as if Anita Beaty is holding the homeless men hostage there at the Task Force.  The men are staying there despite the fact that the facility has operated with no paid staff or budget for years.  If there was some place better for them to go, surely they would have gone there already.  And if the United Way was truly interested in providing new placements, surely they would have done so already.

“I’ve approached them.  We want help,” Hall noted in Court.

“They never made a formal funding request through the normal procedures.  They made emergency requests we didn’t see as appropriate,” the United Way attorney said.

“The United Way has mo-ney!” Schwall said, emphasizing both syllables (“Muh!  Nee!”)

“I think there’s no irreparable harm, if they’re put somewhere safe and clean.  If they [the Beatys] want to retire, what’s the difference?” Schwall said.

“I’m not convinced they have the best interests of the homeless in this city.  If they did, they wouldn’t be in contested litigation and moved Occupy Atlanta in, which is a political statement.  And they would’ve let United Way in.  If they can’t do that, it’s about power and control and revenge,” Schwall said.

“To suggest my client, who has dedicated her life, who has adopted homeless children, does not have the best interests of the homeless at heart, without having heard from her or talked to her, isn’t in the best interest of this system,” Hall replied.

“It’s not a good idea to let Occupy Atlanta move in when a Judge has allowed you to stay with no money,” Schwall said.

Hall said he could present evidence that many of the Occupy Atlanta protesters are homeless, as APN and other media outlets have already reported.

“They have cell phones and Blackberrys,” Schwall said.

“Most homeless people have cell phones,” Hall said.

“You have one last chance to step down.  I can’t let this go on for two more years.  This is the most acrimonious litigation I’ve ever seen in my career,” Schwall said.

“What was the purpose of suing Emory and antagonizing a huge pot of money?” Schwall asked.

Hall replied that Emory was part of the conspiracy too and they had participated in a meeting with Dan Cathy, founder of Chic-fil-a, to convince him to stop funding the Task Force.  Hall said Emory was not willing to help the Task Force.

“All this litigation looks like your clients can’t get along with anybody,” Schwall said, adding he believed the Task Force could move somewhere else if they win in their conspiracy claims.

“Let’s keep an open mind... not necessarily the same place.  There’s got to be many places, warehouses that can be converted,” Schwall said.  Ironically, those opposed to the Task Force have criticized them for “warehousing” the homeless for years.

“I want to schedule a final hearing either on the dispossessory or the whole case... the opportunity to put up evidence,” Hall said.

“The evidence is irrelevant to whether they get to dispossess,” Schwall said.

“It’s not irrelevant.  It’s a wrongful foreclosure.  If you chill the sale, the foreclosure is no good.  It’s an issue of whether or not my clients are unable to pay their bills because of what these guys do.  If there’s no foreclosure, there’s no dispossessory,” Hall said.  “I wanted discovery, discovery was stayed [during mediation].  The record is incredible.  I want a chance to present.”

“We have a RICO claim.  Why is the relief, we’re gonna take the building and give it to the developer who’s done all these things?  Why does he have the higher equity?” Hall asked.

But Schwall was unconvinced.  He issued his ruling, adding he would file a Certificate of Immediate Review and that he would stay his decision until the Task Force’s appeal could be heard.  Such a Certificate asks the appeals court to immediately review Schwall’s decision, even though he appears to be viewing his decision as an interlocutory, as opposed to a final, ruling.

After the hearing, Hall said he intended to appeal and that this wasn’t the end, while APN overheard an attorney on the other side saying he believed this was the beginning of the end for the Beatys.

In an interview today, Hall told APN he is not sure whether they will be appealing to the Supreme Court of Georgia or the Court of Appeals of Georgia because there are some complex jurisdiction issues involved.  Either way, he will be appealing.

Hall said that Schwall had previously said in Court that he could see no greater example of irreparable harm than evicting the Task Force; he is not sure what changed, but is likely to bring up the issue on appeal.

Hall said the United Way is only prepared to help four hundred men, not the current almost eight hundred, and certainly not any new homeless men who are not currently living at the shelter.

Hall said the United Way estimated it would cost them about four million dollars to transition the men out of the Task Force, but he believes the real cost will be closer to eight million dollars.  However, the Task Force has been serving the same men with a budget of zero dollars, since their funding was taken away; the Task Force has a program where some homeless men serve as volunteers, help run the shelter, and help as many men as possible find housing.

Hall added that, in the six months it will take the United Way to help the current men, an estimated 1,200 to 1,800 men will be denied shelter and forced back out of the streets.

Incidentally, the United Way is not actually a party to the case, so it is also not immediately clear how the Court can order them to do anything.



Comments (27)

Said this on 2-5-2012 At 04:35 pm
Two things I want to speak on. Number One, someone out of all that is going on should be the adult. Someone should be saying, "HEY, we have a problem here & we need to come to a solution" I think it should be a community effort to see about the least of these. The churches should be coming together and then the government, & stakeholders should invest in a plan to rid as homeless people & open up a door for healthy living. After two years wasted someone should have came up with an idea of what to do. Its been a waste of time, non productive at all & everyone is losing out. A sad commentary for this next young generation to see "adults" continously fighting over money & people really not caring for others.

Second, I think Peachtree & Pines and The Task Force needs a change, a change for the better. I think the conditions that these men lived was ridiculous. That warehouse is not suitable for an animal but thank God that it helped for the time being. I thank that the place is a modern day prison not a shelter.
Helen Parker
Said this on 2-5-2012 At 08:41 pm

I suggest you actually visit Peachtree Pine before you make comments about the place. It is NOT as you describe.


Said this on 2-5-2012 At 11:44 pm



Hey remember when the CDC said it was a breeding ground for TB?


Helen Parker
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 07:30 pm

Another lie.

Jack Jersawitz
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 06:09 am

Dear Preacher Richardson,

Some preachers are better than others; you are one of the others.

As a preacher you have the ear of god, your own congregation, and certainly that of City Hall except City Hall is part of the conspiracy against the Task Force. At any rate you don't need all those. Talk to your god who is all powerful and asks for the "least of these" to trust and come to him.

What? Was there silence?

But then again until now nobody heard your voice calling for help for the homeless, certainly not on the scale that the Beatty's have provided until the City, the Downtown Business Community, a certain one time City Council Member who does not want you looking in her car, Emory, and other of Atlanta's various corrupt interests, all collaborated together to freese Task Force out of funds and cause the conditions for the forclosure.

And it is true that homelessness is a prison, one created by downtown business concerns who beat out all their convention catering opponents in other cities (As one of those scum admitted some years ago) by paying an already largely impovershed part of the Atlanta population starvation wages ultimately putting even more on the streets as homeless.

And then there are the judicial scum like Schwall who in his haste to finally do the city's and business community's bidding issues illegal orders (As I have every confidence the appellate court's are likely to agree) glossing over the obvious irreparable harm (A hundred ways too complicated to here detail) demonstrating his cowboy ways of shoot first and talk later if anybody still lives.

(Full disclosure: Some years ago I stood infront of Schwall when he was a lowly magistrate seeking warrants against a party that had me illegally arested as a jury determined when they found me innocent of People TV's crminal trespass charges.

Schwall, in violation of laws forbidding judges to practice in a court in which they sit, allowed PTV's own part-time criminal judge Ronald Freeman who remarkably still held a BAR card after admitting to theftsfrom the accounts of disabled the courts had appointed him to represent, to represent PTV and in response to Freeman's tirade was about to lift my bail when standing at the podium I quietly told him he did not have that authority, that only the Solicitor General did.

Schwall blew up like a circus park balloon, and just as red in the face, when a clerk walked up and whispered in his ear, probably that I was right, at which point he backed off.

At any rate that story demonstrates that Schwall is excatly what comes across in the story, intemperate and bound to serve, now that he is a Superior Court Judge, his corporate masters who hate the Task Force and the homeless they help but are created by the for profit operations of capitalist business.

A suggestion to those who might doubt what I say here.

Take some time and spend it in the courts listening to cases. Certainly sit in Schwall's court. Another is the court of Richard Hicks. There are others. If any body asks you your business just tell them you are observing. They have no right to deny you.

Jack Jersawitz


Steve Swimmer
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 09:05 am
Good work Jack. Mr. Cardinale's article is right on target and your work appropriately backs him. Thanks.

One other point. Rather than a phony “TB” scare tactic; CDC should identify the most “covered-up”; yet, most horrific disease afflicting the homeless and poor: the dreaded “Black Robe Disease.”

Black Robe Disease or Black Robe-itis or Judgeitis (here in the South) is a National epidemic scourge afflicting the vast majority of our Great Nations judges. Judge-itis is well known in the Georgia legal community, albeit surreptitiously; and, all know the horrid disorder is afflicting our Great Nation’s judiciary inflicting vast injustice on our population as a whole and the poor in particular.

An undercover research survey of the attorney pool within Judge Craig Schwall’s jurisdiction will prove Judge Schwall is so heavily afflicted with judgeitis he may be incurable. I mean, with a massive ego as large as his, it is a wonder his head has not expanded to a bigger size than even Newt Gingrich.

Black Robe Disease.

To the great misfortune for our Great Nation: "Black Robe Disease" permeates our entire court system from our SCOTUS (Roberts, Scalia, his darker clone Clarence and Alito are prime examples) on down.

100 % of our lawyers and hardly any percent of regular people know this. Yet, Judicial Power is so concentrated police can put a gun to your head shoot you until dead and the Roberts/Scalia types will say "that's fine."

Our court system is destroying our country from within and cannot continue this way if we are to maintain our Great Nation's place in the civilized world.

Guessing we have around 10,000 people in the "Judge" class (i.e. around 700 federal plus 9,000 or so state and local) who control over 300 million of us, I'd say: We The People are controlled efficiently and, relatively speaking, on the cheap. It will be tough to reform a system seemingly operating so well.

Yet, the awful down side of such concentrated power, infecting a huge percentage of the Judge class, is the horrific socially induced affliction euphemistically known as "Black Robe Disease," AKA Judgeitis and Black Robe-itis. Here, and, directly attributable to Black Robe Disease, Judges with no compunction and complete impunity foist upon the American Public a prisoner class of people like never has anywhere in this world seen before.

Sans Black Robe Disease, no thinking feeling humans could treat so many other humans with such utter disregard for humanity.

Every lawyer, in fact, every person involved in the courtroom arena (save the Defendant, the Jury and maybe the Judge) knows full well a vast majority of our Judge class citizenry is infected with the dreaded; yet, never mentioned, Black Robe Disease.

Until we can openly address and solve this problem, I doubt any reform of significance can be achieved. As long as the Judge class is constantly patronized by the entire judicial sub-culture the poor Judges can never escape the social bubble built around them.

And, why should they want to escape? Life as a Judge is good and the socially bestowed Power creates real human chemistry that makes the Judge feel even better. With so much ego enhancing Power in the mix; it is fair to say Judges, most probably, cannot see the forest when such big tress are in the way; and, do not even recognize their own affliction so enhanced by misguided ego stimulation.

This is where We The People can chime in loud and in no uncertain terms, dangerous as it may be: point out the horror of this "Black Robe Disease" blight on our judiciary; then, you will be headed in the right direction for meaningful reform.

Today, this message is directed directly to you, Judge Craig Schwall. Today it appears your disease has progressed beyond much hope and the only hope left is for you to take medical leave of absence while working on that massive ego until you are rehabilitated.

When (or if) you are capable of fitting back into regular society, resign your post and help other judges see the ere of their ways. Then, and only then, will you gain the true respect of We The People. Until then, you will have to live with resounding, self serving, "head-patting" from the "rich" class you now serve to the fullest extent of the law.
Nafis Davis
Said this on 2-8-2012 At 02:43 pm

That was well put!!! Thank you Mr. Jack. I'm a staff member at the shelter...

Anita Beaty
Said this on 2-7-2012 At 01:34 pm

Thank you, Jack.

bastard out of california
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 01:30 am

Yeah, I remember. as it turned out, there was nothing much to the rumor. do you remember it, or do you wish it?


bastard out of california
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 01:36 am

I also remember the lice rumor. it is intersting to read the emails subpeoned in the suit; as it turns out, several parties were coordinating with each other to construct that rumor and make it a meme in the local press. it was completely made up, and maliciously spread. did you know that?


Jack Jersawitz
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 06:17 am

And it is that extremely damaging evidence that Schwall did not want heard in court because having heard it he would be extremely remiss in ordering a dispossesory, perhaps remiss enough to lose his seat on that bench.


Said this on 2-6-2012 At 08:41 am

First, very well written article. I was one of the 200 people trying to get in who were denied. So i am glad that APN was able to give me a detailed account of thr trial. I am very interested in the task force staying open as I operate a bicycle cooperative and teach men, women, and children how to fix bicycles, then they get them free for their service. Task force is not the most ideal place for people to sleep in, but they have been operating with ZERO funding. How many other institutions can claim this same feat? The city is taking a very wrong turn shutting this facility down. We need to look at ways to make it better, not demonizing the beatys who have been active in our community for decades.

Said this on 2-6-2012 At 11:45 am

It's often comical when the elephant in the room is ignored.


For instance, none could seriously argue that many men at Peachtree and Pine are some of the worst dregs of society. Drug addicted thieves who spend more time with unsavory or dangerous sexual antics would be a fitting descriptor for many at the shelter.

Then again, that's also true of the boardroom of many corporations, several churches, and even, as it were, courtrooms.

The problem with staring at the dirt, the grime, and the filth which is so obvious when taking a cursory glance at Peachtree and Pine is that you're missing the even more obvious... these are humans. These are the people who could very well be saving your children from a burning house but for a twist of fate, a bad choice, or even things that were now and always will be out of the hands of the men at the shelter.

All the same, some of the most shining examples of brotherhood, fellowship, and outstanding humanity are at that shelter.

During a battle in a war, all men are your brother, and you love them all. When it's a choice between racism and bigotry, or a hole in your chest... all men are your brothers. The streets of Atlanta, for many of these men without a home, is a battle in a war. So many of them will, while being dirty and grimy and offensive to the better tastes of lesser men, will literally give you the last of their food that you may live, even if it risks their own lives. These men will place themselves into danger to lessen the load of people they do not know.

These men are men, they are humans, and I place them among the kings of the earth. They placed me there at one time and I return favor to those who show me a kindness.

However, during my stay there there is a certain class of people in the city of Atlanta who show no man a kindness, only a checkbook.

They happen to be the very people who have pressed such a suit against the Beattys, and against the almost a thousand men who would die for them if it would but raise them all towards happiness.

Yes, there are there who would martyr themselves for you. I know them by name. Several are even mentioned in this article.

Shame, for those who would not hand a warm bed to those who would cry for you.

I'll see you soon, my brothers, my sisters, my friends. Until then, be just and fear not.

Said this on 2-6-2012 At 12:46 pm

I rarely take the time to write comments but when you read such falsehoods, it is hard to not comment.

The healthcare issues that you all list as 'rumors' are not rumors at all. There have been numerous problems that have required health department and CDC involvement-- these things are not rumors, and there are reports documenting these problems. You do not realize that the same people you believe are working to stop the Task Force (so-called conspiracy against them????) are the ones trying to provide healthcare and prevent some of these problems for the clients of the Task Force.

If the horrific conditions and lack of programming isnt enough to convince people, maybe talking to the thousands of others truly working to end homelessness in Atlanta would convince you. None of the other agencies working in supportive housing and healthcare for persons who are experiencing homelessness support the Task Force-- with good reason.

Jack Jersawitz
Said this on 2-8-2012 At 12:06 pm

All those people, other than the Task Force, that you assert seek to help???

Could they be the same people who having taken over Grady Hospital forced out on the street end stage kidney patients, some of whom, denied dialysis died.

Could they be the same governmental organizations that having founded Grady over a hundred years ago in order to have poor workers able to work, to do housework, etc., now when unemployment is high with a collapsing economy don't have any use for workers and so have no problem letting them starve and die.

Of course those helpful people hate Task Force because planted where it is at Peachtree and Pine, Task Force unintentionally makes a powerful statement of truth about the lie implied by the assertion that Atlanta is "A city too busy too hate."

Except our capitalist masters who own everything else around the shelter and wanting to drive the homeless and the poor, now unnecessary, out of the city, since in truth capitalist economy keeps on producing them, therefore hate Task Force and the Beatys and as the evidence the black robed whore Schwall so adamently did not want presented, did not want to hear proves, they put together a massive conspiracy to rid the city of Task Force and their shelter.

As a matter of fact if the Atlanta media, instead of printing lies told the truth, all of those people who want to help but never do, would face a massive uprising by the people of this city who would drive them and their government out.

And as to reforming the Black Robes (Mentioned above) that is not possible since they are an essential component of an economic system that produces them to manage the problems the capitalist economic system inevitably produces and cannot do other than produce, especially in the phases, as now, of its recurrent crisis,' this being the latest and greatest.

What is needed is a political party based in the labor unions with a socialist program and a revolutionary Marxist Party to provide the scientific guidance such a labor political party needs.

How many more hundred years of capitalism are necessary, how many more peoples crushed, how many more cities bombarded and destroyed, before it is understood thare can be no reform.

Jack Jersawitz


Helen Parker
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 07:45 pm

I would like to believe United Way could take care of these people, but I truly wonder why they haven't already.  United Way has been around collecting money for a long long time, and they have refused to help the Task Force cause they were told not to. The Task Force owned this building out right until the city officials TOLD EVERYONE not to contribute to their expenses. Because they wanted the building for themselves. Greedy, arogant people wanted to see it fail and did everything they could to make it so. No one is suggesting the building  be demolished.... It's not the building it's the people who hate poor black men and the inconvenience they represent.

Helen Parker
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 07:47 pm

Oh excuse me Tim, I didn't realize you would demolish an historic building in Atlanta.  Maybe you should do a little Atlanta history since you're here now.

Pixie Poe
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 11:21 pm

Just spoke to the real Tim Franzen. I assume since you felt the need to lie about who you were when posting, you are aware that you were lying about the conditions at the shelter. There was never a TB epidemic there, just a rumor started by those wanting to see the shelter closed for their own profit and spread by those too ignorant to actually check the facts for themselves.


Anita Beaty
Said this on 2-7-2012 At 01:40 pm

Are you the Tim Franzen with Occupy Atlanta and the AFSC?

Said this on 2-9-2012 At 05:55 pm


I don't know if Pixie's reply was posted as a reply to your post, but if you haven't read her reply, she contacted the real Tim Franzen and it was not Tim who posted that comment.

Pixie Poe
Said this on 2-6-2012 At 11:18 pm

Just spoke to Tim Franzen, who did not post the comment above. Seems that those who are trying to close the shelters in Atlanta will stoop to any level, including using the name of someone who has fought to keep the shelter open, to spread their lies. There was never a TB epidemic at that shelter. I should know. I have been there numerous times. I'm guessing the person who claimed to be Tim will not admit his lies or true motivation, let alone give his real name.

Pixie Poe
Said this on 2-7-2012 At 01:19 pm

The two cases of TB that they discovered had come from Fulton County Jail, as several of the articles mention. So again I will say, there was no TB outbreak at the shelter and not one person or occupier at the shelter contracted TB while staying at the shelter during this supposed "outbreak". If you have evidence (meaning actual numbers and names of people who contracted TB while at the shelter), please feel free to share. I'll also restate when people are posting the truth, they don't feel the need to use someone else's identity to do so. Using Tim Franzen's (a supporter of the shelter and Task Force) name was an effort to discredit the shelter, just as the false rumors of the TB outbreak were.


Said this on 2-7-2012 At 01:42 pm

We have evidence proving who sent the false information to the media.  There are other organizations in these lawsuits who consistently control the media.

bastard out of california
Said this on 2-9-2012 At 12:32 pm

justin -- reading is fundamental dude, it was never claimed that cdc is responsible for the rumors. clear your head of whatever and try again.

Jack Jersawitz
Said this on 2-8-2012 At 12:27 pm

If any of those reports are true only a fool would want to close the shelter.

The obvious answer is not to starve Task Force but rather to fund staffing and materials to detect and control any purported infectious incidents.

Closing the shelter would, instead of making it easy to locate and place under treatment those in need of such, would simply let them remain homeless to further distribute organisms throughout this city's population.

Task Force gathers many of the homeless because unlike the ideologs that attempt to provide for the homeless, they don't impose a series of draconian rules and requirements driving people away from help. That's why Task Force is a success.

Task Force and the Beaty's ought to have their funding restored, yes even increased.

The folks trying to lose them down ought to be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

Jack Jersawitz


Said this on 2-7-2012 At 02:11 pm

the above poster claiming to be Tim Franzen is definately not. I think talking about closing homeless shelters while 6.5% of Atlanta population is homeless is horrific. We need to be talking about funding the Task Force, not closing it.


Said this on 2-14-2012 At 07:55 am

As moderator, I have deleted four comments, including one from a person falsely claiming to be Tim Franzen and three from a so-called "Justin White" who I have determined to be the same person posing as Tim Franzen.  The comments have been dis-approved and deleted and the IP addresses blocked.  Incidentally, this is the second time we have had to take action against a person posing as Tim Franzen.  While we very rarely step in to delete a comment, and regard this space as a free speech zone, it is unacceptable to use this space to defraud the public and steal someone else's identity by posing as someone else.

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