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Georgia Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Stand Your Ground Repeal Bill

(APN) ATLANTA -- On February 05, 2014, the Georgia Senate Judiciary (Non-Civil) Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 280, a bill introduced by State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) to repeal Georgia’s existing Stand Your Ground law.

The Moral Monday Georgia Coalition and other activists packed the hearing room.

“We asked the Committee Chairman for a full and fair hearing.  We got a hearing but it was not full or fair,” Sen. Fort said after the hearing, referring to Chairman Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro).

SB 280 calls for the repeal of the statute, commonly known as Stand Your Ground (SYG), relating to no duty to retreat prior to the use of deadly force.

“What I meant by a full and fair hearing was that we had an opportunity to be heard and to be heard in a substantive way.  That didn’t happen,” Fort said.

“It has been reported back to me that the Chairman is talking about next session or a Study Committee, and that’s just not going to be acceptable.  That’s not acceptable.  It’s frustrating because today would have been the nineteenth birthday of Trayvon Martin,” Fort said.

As previously reported by Atlanta Progressive News, Martin is a Black, male teenager who was killed in Florida by a man who used an SYG defense in court to avoid charges, in a case that was decided in 2013.

To be honest with you, I just feel for things to have been done this way, that this is disrespectful to the community that has this as their concern.  I’m very disappointed, very disappointed, and going to do my best to make sure it doesn't stand,” Fort said.

A recent study, “Stand Your Ground Laws, Homicides and Injuries” by a Georgia State University doctoral student, Chandler McClellan, argues that SYG laws in Georgia and around the U.S. have made citizens less safe.

“Stand Your Ground states have more homicides than other states,” the McClellan study states, although this does not establish causation.

Sen. Fort told the story of a seventy-two year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer in North Georgia who wandered one night into a neighbor’s yard.  The neighbor came out of his house and shot Ronald Westbrook, killing him, Fort said in his testimony before the Committee.

Janice Mathis, of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund, was the only person other than Sen. Fort permitted to speak at the hearing.

Her testimony was limited to five minutes with an opportunity to respond briefly to two questions.

“What we are talking about is the use of deadly force.  When is deadly force and the use of a firearm appropriate when you are not in your home?  When we are in the street or at a movie theater, what constitutes sufficient provocation for you to pull out a gun and take the risk of ending someone’s life?  That is the question you have to ask yourself and frankly for all of us,” Mathis said.

Mathis pointed to what appears to be unequal application of SYG laws across jurisdictions.

“Superior Court judges in Georgia don’t know what to do with the [SYG] legislation.  In Charlton County, [Georgia], you get one case where a man tries to use Stand Your Ground in the fatal shooting of a man who comes into a nightclub with a weapon drawn.  He [the man who came in] looks like he is about to shoot.  The defendant shot and killed the guy.  He can’t use Stand Your Ground.  He is serving life plus ten years right now,” Mathis said.

Sen. Fort told the story of a defendant who he said used a SYG defense and was exonerated without a trial.

“When you set up Stand Your Ground as an affirmative defense to homicide you are short circuiting some of the checks and balances that are supposed to catch problems.  If they claim self-defense, let them prove it,” Fort said.

“Self-defense has for one thousand years of jurisprudence had time to sort out what is and what is not reasonable and appropriate for citizens.  This law serves almost like a virus when you can’t move one piece of the system without upsetting it all,” Mathis said.



Comments (8)

Said this on 2-17-2014 At 01:59 pm

As previously ERRONEOUSLY reported by Atlanta Progressive News, "Martin is a Black, male teenager who was killed in Florida by a man who used an SYG defense in court to avoid charges, in a case that was decided in 2013."

Stand Your Ground was NOT used in the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman trial. It was a simple Self Defense case that SYG didn't enter into because you can't Stand Your Ground when you are flat on your back with someone on top trying to beat you to death.

Said this on 3-5-2014 At 04:24 pm

Zimmerman being on the bottom was not established. When they tried that nonsense by have a gun expert, it backfired and he was forced to admit the angle the bullet entered could be the same whether standing, sitting or any other position. The angle only showed position of hand to body.


Other than that, it was a typical lame brain florida jury.

Said this on 2-17-2014 At 03:16 pm

You don't need to be heard "substantively". We all know how you feel, and since standing one's ground when one is attacked is a fundamental right, what you feel doesn't matter.

Said this on 2-20-2014 At 07:12 am

Hear, hear. He had his hearing where he and another anti-gun opponent of the law were heard, which was fair. That they got no support based on the merit of their nonsense argument is their fault. SYG is a good law fully supported by the citizens of GA. Maybe removing or modifying nightclubs as a place that's acceptable to have a gun is something that should be considered since the people at such clubs are probably breaking the law by drinking and carrying a firearm on them to begin with.

Said this on 2-18-2014 At 08:34 pm

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Said this on 2-20-2014 At 06:54 am

You're either being willfully ignorant of that case or just lying. George Zimmerman's attorney used a basic self defense strategy to justify killing Trayvon Martin after Martin attacked him not SYG, although he could have.

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Said this on 3-18-2014 At 04:06 am

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Said this on 3-19-2014 At 07:16 am
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