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Press Conference on Prison Conditions in Georgia

Courtesy of Bruce Dixon: "The Concerned Coalition to Protect Prisoner Rights held a press conference on January 6th, 2011 to discuss the physical assaults perpetrated on inmates by prison staff. The attacks took place in the wake of fact finding visits by the Coalition to Macon State Prison and Smith State Prison, following last month's inmate led work stoppage that spread to nine of Georgia's prisons.

"This piece includes interviews by Bruce Dixon of with Edward DuBose, President of the Georgia Conference of NAACP Branches, Ajamu Baraka with the U.S. Human Rights Network, Chara Jackson with ACLU Georgia, Kenneth Glasgow of The Ordinary People Society, Charles Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Hugh Esco of the Georgia Green Party."

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to click on the resource box links. I've had way better clickthroughs with the things I've posted on ezine articles.Oh, and resource box links are no-follow, so they're useless for backlinks or getting indexed. I only go to articlesbase if I want to get traffic through the actual article. I have used this service many times for research. They do have many articles on many different subjects of interest. Many articles are written from personal experience and from research. If you want to write for articlebase, you do not get paid from them but you do get acknowledge as a writer. Getting acknowledge is good for people who are just starting out as a writer and can use them for a reference for writing jobs.I am an article marketer above all else and as a result I use hundreds of article directories however is definitely in the top 5 for me. When I go about circulating my articles my best SEO articles will go first to EZA then to articlebase followed by goarticles, buzzle and other high ranking directories. I often find that my articles on article base regularly get me the best converting traffic of any of the articles I submit for that

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way it becomes difficult for the reader to find your site information. They are more likely to click the ads on the site than visit your page. Ezine articles and other article sites for that matter are better in that regard. Other than that I honestly prefer this over Ezinearticles as I just do not have the patience to wait for an entire week just to get a notice that my article was rejected. Articles Base is one high PR article directory that approves submitted articles within 24 hours. I started submitting keyword targeted articles to Articles Base to promote my affiliate. After three days, those articles are already in the top 10 Google search for the keywords they are optimized for and are already sending traffic to my affiliate link. I would also recommend submitting articles to it for off site SEO since every article that you will submit will rank high pretty fast. I would say this is even faster than E-zine Articles. Aside from search engine ranking, Articles Base is easy to use. The design is good and if you are a beginner, I would recommend that you submit your articles there. I joined and published my first article with ArticleBase about a

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anyways. I feel as long as I continue to get the views I'm getting at this point, I will continue to submit articles. I would personally recommend this site to others This website is ok for article submission, but is relatively new and doesn't have a huge user base. This means your articles get less exposure. I've submitted quite a few articles here and they have gotten a few views, but my articles at Ezinearticles and Goarticles do much better. Still, it doesn't hurt to put your articles here for the extra backlinks, but I'd recommend putting your articles on more popular websites before looking at this one. I have used articlesbase site for an article. I'm about to submit more. I first ran across the site when I saw someone's article listed on the first page of a Google search. So it got my attention for being able to do that.Their back office for submitting articles, checking stats, editing articles, and your profile is nice, simple and easy to use with a good layout. Anyone familiar with submitting articles should not have a problem. A good article site will be able to get you a good ranking on specific keywords used in search engines. Articlebase

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